Public affairs

When planning important steps, a number of moves must be considered in advance, and our interests must also be upheld at political and social level. A thorough preparation, together with open and determined action, creates the prerequisite for achieving the necessary result.

We help our clients understand policy-making and reach decision makers.

Strategic communication

Communication must be comprehensible and meaningful. Above all, the messages must be sent to the right addressee. The reputation is largely based on whether and how one can express oneself.

We help our clients set a long plan for strategic communication and do not allow the reputation to be left to chance.

Corporate social responsibility and its communication

Companies and institutions must now adapt to people’s ever-increasing expectations for sustainable and responsible action. The increase in awareness has been explosive and does not show signs of decline.

We help our customers to understand and make sense of responsibility and to make relating messaging clear.

Creating strategies

Every successful endeavour begins with a well-established agenda. The greater the step forward that must be taken, the more important the strategy becomes. The core of responsible entrepreneurship is the existence of a strategy for corporate responsibility.

We help our customers to draw up strategies of different nature and monitor their implementation, carry out risk assessments.

Change management

Making a change means something needs to start over again. That is why it is important that the necessary changes do not become an obstacle to activities that need to operate smoothly on a daily basis.

We help our customers to assess risks when planning changes and create a bulletproof action plan.

Preventing disinformation

Disinformation is the Trojan horse of the 21st century. Its various forms always spread unexpectedly, and without taking action, the damage could be colossal.

We help our customers develop a strategy to prevent misinformation and understand its nature in general.